Battlestar Galactica Challenge Vidlets for thearchive2!

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1. Scar: Scar the Cylon Raider/Kara/Sam OT3. And I bet you thought Lee was the third wheel in that relationship... Challenge: Cylon POV.

2. The Book of Kara: Leoben quotes from the Book of Kara. Challenge: Scripture.

3. Somebody Told Me...: All aboard the season four WHORE TRAIN! Challenge: Rumour.

4. Manifesto.: Natalie and Tyrol and Starbuck have a manifesto. Challenge: Manifesto.

5. Memo: Re: Revolution: Memo: human beings are a disease: cure them. Challenge: Memo.

6. Traditional Cylon Lullaby: Athena sings a traditional cylon lullaby to her daughter. Challenge: Hybrid.

7. Five Loves Six Found: Five loves Six found: four that killed her; one that didn't. Challenge: Found.

8. I Want to be Evil: Tory wants to know how big a difference Laura sees between them because she doesn't see much of one at all. Challenge: Microscopic.

9. Saul Tigh: A & B: Colonial officer or Cylon infiltrator: which is real? Is the difference only a projection? Challenge: Projection.

10. Televangelism: God is in the TV the wireless your brain. Challenge: Broadcast.

Bonus #1! Sunday Bloody Sunday: Mambo Remix: Remix of tallulah71's vid Sunday Bloody Sunday. Humans and Cylons. Are you ready to learn how to mambo? Challenge: Bonus - Mod's choice. The Mod chose a remix.

Bonus #2! I have weird memories of you: Crossover with the movie Hancock. Hancock is the final cylon. Challenge: Crossover.

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