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Atlas: I'm building a body but the architects only drew blanks.

Songs of the Unforgiven V: The Unforgiven Ones: Ellen sings a lullaby to her son about his siblings, his parents, and what they've done.

Songs of the Unforgiven IV: Breakups on a Battlestar (Laura left him, again): Laura dumps Lee. It was a political thing.

Songs of the Unforgiven III: Breakups on a Battlestar (Laura left her, again): Laura dumps Kara. It was a religious thing.

Songs of the Unforgiven II: Suicide Planet: No Future: "I made it to the forward deck, I blessed our remnant fleet, and then consented to be wrecked, a thousand kisses deep."

Songs of the Unforgiven I: Suicide Planet: The Future: "Give me absolute control over every living soul, I've seen the future, brother, it is murder."

The Other Love Quadrangle (No, the Other Other One): The womenfolk just keep runnin' off with Adama's man... (Adama/Leoben 4EVA SUCKAS)

Moon vs. Sun: Laura and Gaius engage in a rap battle. God is the corrupt judge.

Sammy: 2,029 Years: Sam dreamed about you for 29 years before he saw you.

Trapdoor Trigger: The arbitrary brutality of civilian life.

About Today: "Nobody's going anywhere." Except they are, and they do, and Bill Adama either doesn't or won't understand how to make it stop. (Kara, Lee, Laura, Saul.)

Dolled-up in Straps: Gaius Baltar is a love letter to no one.

there's a war going on for your mind, laura.: Laura Roslin and the Cylon Hybrid engage in a rap battle.

Tricks: Earth is the cruelest trick of all.

Ghosts: Caprica Six is a love letter no one has ever read.

Hummingbird Song: "It is such a quiet thing, to fall. But far more terrible is to admit it." -- Kreia, Star Wars EU. Kendra & Cain & Gina.

Hallelujah: Lee Adama and Laura Roslin; love is a cold and a broken hallelujah.

Jesus Walks: Laura Roslin's not allowed to rap about Jesus. Content Note: This vid's audio track features a Black artist using the n-word. I am a White vidder vidding a White subject. Today I would make a different decision about using this song in this way. However, since I did it, I currently feel the most honest choice is to leave the vid available with this acknowledgement that I don't think I should have. I am open to further discussion and advice on this.

Devils & Dust: "I got God on my side, I'm just trying to survive, what if what you do to survive kills the things you love, fear's a powerful thing. It'll turn your heart black, you can trust. It'll take your God-filled soul, fill it with devils and dust." Humans & Cylon & Religion.

My Vampire Heart: Boomer/Athena/Tyrol/Helo. I curse you, my Vampire heart, for letting me love you from the start.

Fast Car: Everyone through everything (well, through 2.16). Some aspect-ratio problems.

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